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EU Proposal for Border Monitoring Project

EU Proposal for Border Monitoring Project

FAC is currently involved in submitting a proposal for an EU-funded project whose concept is to monitor EU border regions covering land and coastal and all of the variations of these borders from Greece to Finland.

The proposed project will derive targets and activities of interest from a multi-faceted approach to multi-layered data sources (big data) and detection technologies which span the land border area and out to 200km for coastal areas. A complex display system is proposed that takes advantage of the wide array of data inputs for the border guard authorities.


If successful in its bid, multiple databases will be used to determine the total environment of the border and to display normality and divergent events that could be pre-cursors of illegal activity. Alerts generated will be placed against the display backdrop of Terrain & Clutter in 3D, Societal, Anthropology, Weather, Environment and detections generated by other current and future systems of the border authorities.


The project aims to scan the border sea and lake region’s surfaces and near surfaces out to 200km of the countries involved, as well as the land border up to 20km inland and the underwater environment up to two kilometres from the proposed in-shore sensors.


The proposed solutions are designed to be deployed at reasonable cost in the full range of local environments on land and sea.


In addition to this, power scavenging generation features will be designed into the solutions to facilitate long life and low maintenance on systems deployed along borders.


Maritime and Land Borders field trials will be included for areas in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Greece and Finland.