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BESECURE – Best Practice Enhancers for Security of Urban Environments

BESECURE – Best Practice Enhancers for Security of Urban Environments


Client: European Commission

Dates: 2012-2015

Project Website:

The BESECURE (Best Practice Enhancers for Security in Urban Regions) project focuses upon urban security, a complex multi-dimensional process that results from the interaction of an increasingly diverse collection of stakeholders. The project works towards a better understanding of urban security through examination of different European urban areas which will help build a comprehensive and pragmatic set of indicators, and a risk assessment model which can provide specific cues about the development of certain urban security scenarios.

FAC was responsible for undertaking numerous stakeholder interaction sessions to collect data to support the projects case study activities. Stakeholders in this context were characterised as all contacts having an interest in the BESECURE project and potential end-users of the BESECURE products, while interview respondents were identified as persons involved as participants in the interview-based data collection phase of the project. Interviews were carried out with a range of actors with a view to gaining insight into urban security policies, practices, the decision making process and knowledge on local networks of stakeholders and their respective needs. FAC also undertook extensive case study research, testing and validation exercises as part of the project methodology, with an objective to identify and evaluate strategic policy directives in order to inform the formulation of best practice initiatives. These case study activities enabled the identification of gaps which existed in policy and practice in relation to potential undesirable security scenarios and enabled partner cities to learn from each other regarding their approach to security issues.


Critical Infrastructure, Crises and Disaster Management, Recovery, CI protection, Resilience
April 13, 2016