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Dublin Housing Strategy 2016 – 2022


Client: Dublin City Council

FAC was commissioned by Dublin County Council to prepare the Dublin Housing Strategy 2016-2022 to form part of the Dublin City Council Development Plan 2016-2022.

Key objectives of this strategy were to assess the change of Dublin’s population and the components of that change; identification of the key legislative and policy instruments relevant to the delivery of Dublin’s housing strategy; review of tenure patterns in Dublin’s housing market, in relation to the decline of owner-occupation; projection of the new housing requirements as well as the potential to deliver social housing.

FAC examined the context of housing in Dublin City and created a population projection to inform the needs for new housing in the future. That population projection was further analysed in relation to various sections of the population and their particular needs, such as low income housing or housing for new families. The analysis looked at all the components of population change, including age profile, family size, and occupancy rate. Additionally, an analysis was made of housing affordability and provision in the city. Finally, an economic analysis was made as to possible methods for social housing delivery.

The central element of this study is the analysis of population trends from CSO Census data and an analysis of the housing needs of various populations that make up that change. To inform the changes, The strategy served as the basis for the Housing Strategy in the Dublin City Draft Development Plan 2016-2022.




Strategic planning, Economic Analysis, Demographic analysis, Land use Planning, housing assessment