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Housing Supply Capacity in Dublin 2014 – 2018

Housing Supply Capacity in Dublin 2014 – 2018


Client: Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI)


FAC was commissioned by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) to undertake an assessment of housing supply capacity in Dublin’s urban settlements up to 2018. This study, which followed on from the Housing Agency report on housing requirements, examined the capacity of zoned residential sites in Dublin to meet the required number of units between 2014-2018.


FAC identified that there is 2,233 hectares of land zoned and potentially available for residential development in the four main local authority areas. This zoned land can deliver approximately 102,500 additional housing units under the minimum recommended density scenario. This can result in the provision of housing for approximately 269,000 additional persons.


The study also found a minimum housing unit requirement of 35,433 in the years 2014–2018. However, the study showed a total of granted (extant) planning permissions for 26,580 units, resulting in a shortfall of 8,853 units over the five-year period. An interactive online viewer of the lands zoned residential and as yet undeveloped across Dublin can be viewed here.


The findings of the study were documented in a high quality report which was aesthetically finished to the highest design and publication standards.




Land Use, Housing supply, Data analysis, Population demographic projections, Housing build and completion figures, Construction sectors, Report visualisation, National circulation
April 16, 2016