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Laois Retail Strategy

Laois Retail Strategy


Client: Laois County Council

FAC was commissioned by Laois County Council to prepare the Laois County Retail Strategy 2017-2023 as part of the overall Laois County Development Plan 2017-2023.

The contract comprised an analysis of existing retail activity throughout Laois, with a view to project forward and derive future additional floor space requirements, as needed.

In doing so, the methodological basis for modelling retail activity was provided, including the key assumptions used as part of the development and application of each component. In undertaking this
commissioned work, FAC utilised its expertise in strategic spatial planning, socioeconomic data analysis, understanding of national and regional policy to guide sustainable retail growth for the county.

The key objectives of this project were to conduct an analysis of historic patterns in retail turnover, spend per capita and retail floor space as split between convenience and comparison shopping; to develop a basis for retail floor space projection across the plan period; to assess the disposable income and per capita spend) and going forward as a means to project shortfall in appropriate retail floor space; account for existing levels of retail vacancy and incorporate into the model; account for the inflow and outflow of retail activity types; and to formulate a comprehensive overview of retail policy in each of the County’s main centres.

The Laois Retail Strategy set out an overall framework for the county’s future requirements in retail floor space arising in due to future increases in the population, trends in shopping habits and projected hanges in overall spend and turnover.


Strategic planning, Data analysis, Geographical Information System (GIS), retail planning, retail floor space analysis, economic projection
July 15, 2016