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Mass Transit Compliance Assessment

Mass Transit Compliance Assessment


FAC was appointed to carry out a Policy Compliance Assessment of a mass transit system for Dublin City and environs, as proposed by a private sector client.
The core objective of the project was to illustrate that the proposed mass transit scheme was compliant with policy at the various spatial/governance levels.
The report analysed the content of the primary transportation and land use planning policy documents, strategies and plans at European, National, Regional and County/City levels. The report also accounted for the historic support given to mass transit in the Dublin region.
FAC consulted policy documents at each spatial level, identifying the primary elements (policy, objectives, aims, actions etc.) relevant to the proposed scheme. This content was then analysed to reveal if any conflicts or contraventions existed that would inhibit the mass transit scheme, and to highlight the existence of compliant or supportive policy elements.
The report determined that the proposed mass transit scheme would comply with policy and that it would also in some cases ensure successful policy implementation.



Land use Planning, transportation planning, policy analysis
July 19, 2016