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Savills Dublin Region Overview Analysis

Savills Dublin Region Overview Analysis


FAC was commissioned by Savills Ireland to undertake a robust and data-led analysis of the Dublin Region to support the identification of areas of interest for future branch location/presence.

FAC’s role was to provide a composite analysis of two underlying factors that form part of branch suitability assessment. Namely, competitor analysis and catchment area determination as well as property price register transactional volume.

The key objectives of this analysis were to identify competition, categorise business extent, strengths and constraints with determined catchment areas; geocode all point locations for property price transactions 2010-2014 to inform the delineation of catchment areas; supplement with in-depth analysis and summary statistics on location, trends, price, volume and property types; the delivery of a composite overview of these indicators to be used to assist Savills in locational analysis at a strategic level.

The benefit of this composite approach was that individual sources of data can be considered and interrogated in an integrated manner, rather than relying on disparate sources of information. The resultant output was an evidence-based report detailing a number of identified hotspot areas, where the factors contributing to their identification were presented in detail via high-quality graphical format (mapping and infographics). A summary database of the underlying information was also provided, enabling Savills to fully leverage the potential this data.


The purpose of the Dublin Region Overview Analysis was to provide Savills with a macro ‘regional’ profile to facilitate the filtering of potential business and investment opportunities in key areas as informed by the data.


FAC successfully secured planning approval to regularise the established use which was critical in order to facilitate the ongoing operations of this independent business which employs a total of eight staff members.



Strategic planning, Data analysis, Demographic analysis, Land use Planning, socioeonomics
July 18, 2016