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Tipperary County Council

Green and Blue Infrastructure Masterplan Roadmap for Tipperary Waterways

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The Green and Blue Infrastructure Masterplan Roadmap was been commissioned as part of the EU INTERREG Europe ‘SWARE’ (Sustainable heritage management of WAterway REgions) Project, of which Tipperary County Council is one of six EU partners. The ‘SWARE’ project seeks to address a challenge faced by the participating partners and many other areas throughout the EU – the harnessing of natural assets for the development of the local economy, while simultaneously trying to preserve, protect and enhance the natural environment.

The green and blue infrastructure approach includes the planning, design and management of green spaces and blue ecosystems to provide societal benefit for both urban and rural areas. The Masterplan Roadmap is an evidence-led vision, that identifies the existing environmental, recreation, amenity and heritage assets in and surrounding the River Suir and Lough Derg, and identifies opportunities to enhance the green and blue networks, while also extending the benefits to a broad range of other areas, including recreation and tourism.

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