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12 Aug, 2016 1 min read

Census 2016 – Bottom 10 Electoral Divisions for Depopulation

Categories: Research

Ireland’s population has grown by more than 12% to 4,757,976 people in the past decade but this increase has not been evenly spread across the country.


898 Electoral Divisions experienced a net reduction in population amounting to a total decrease in numbers of 53,721. The bottom ten account for 13% of this decline and have experienced depopulation at an average rate of 16.4%.


Areas in Dublin have seen the biggest drop in numbers, with the population of Ballymun falling by 1,099 and Blanchardstown-Corduff by 956. The electoral division of Galvone B in Limerick has seen the biggest percentage decrease, losing just over 58% of its population since 2006.


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Categories: Research

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