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19 Sep, 2019 3 min read

FAC Present at FORESEE General Assembly Meeting in London


FAC participated in an excellent General Assembly meeting in London this week for the European Commission-funded project FORESEE. The project is coordinated by Tecnalia and the overall objective of the Future Proofing Strategies for Resilient Transport Networks against Extreme Events (FORESEE) Project is to develop and demonstrate a reliable and easily implementable toolkit for providing short- and long-term resilience schemes against transport disruption due to flooding, landslide and structural damage for rail and road corridors and multi-modal terminals.The event was held at Leonardo’s offices in central London and was attended by over 65 participants, drawing from the FORESEE consortium and our Stakeholder Reference Group, which comprises professionals and end users from over twenty transport leaders such as Transport Infrastructure Ireland, Arup, Transport for London and Louis Berger. Our next FORESEE webinar will be on November 14th. If you would like to get involved in the project via the SRG, please contact the Chairman, Mr Jesús Rodríguez Santiago: jesus.rodriguez@upm.es



The FORESEE Consortium at the London GA September 18th 2019



FAC’s Managing Director, Dr. William Hynes, and Head of European Research, Dr. Sheryl Lynch, lead the Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Work Package for this innovative, transport infrastructure research project. FAC will also work on the updating of methodologies, practices and solutions, the development of the ‘Response, Mitigation and Adaptation Toolkit’, and the application and validation of the solutions to selected case studies in Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Germany.



Sheryl Lynch with FORESEE’s Coordinator Inaki Beltrane (Tecnalia) and Communications teammate José Diez (ERF)



Sheryl presented our work to date, including the production of Dissemination tools and the FORESEE Newsletter, edited and produced by FAC. We subsequently assisted in the facilitation of the Stakeholder Reference Group workshop whereby William offered some insight into FAC’s years of experience in the European Resilience research sphere. The workshop and reception was generously hosted by our partner Telespazio VEGA UK. Telespazio’s Maria de Farago and Erlinda Biescas gave a fascinating overview of SAR basic principles, topocentric axes and how to use satellite technology to improve assets and transport infrastructure. A full report on the SRG workshop will be produced by the project shortly.




FORESEE Poster designed by FAC featuring Portugal's April 25th Bridge
FORESEE Poster designed by FAC featuring Portugal’s April 25th Bridge


The FORESEE project is currently developing a toolkit to provide short and long term resilience schemes for rail and road corridors and logistics terminals that are able to reduce the magnitude and/or duration of disruptive events produced by humans or the nature. The multidisciplinary team of experts working in the consortium will facilitate the use of methodologies and tools already existing in the market to study the risk and costs associated with the impact of extreme events. The research will also integrate satellite and terrestrial data in the analysis and assessment of hazards with their respective impact on passengers and freight terminals.


The innovative multimodal approach will deploy cutting-edge technologies able to deploy long-term asset management strategies. FORESEE will provide road authorities and managers with a solution to anticipate, absorb, adapt and rapidly recover from a potentially disruptive hazard during the entire life-cycle of the transport infrastructure: planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance.


The FORESEE project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 769373. FORESEE will be completed in 2021 and the total value of the Project is €4.96m. Keep up to date with the project news and outputs here https://foreseeproject.eu/ and follow Foresee on Twitter @ForeseeProject. FORESEE also has an active LinkedIn Group, which you are cordially invited to join.



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