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31 Jan, 2017 1 min read

FAC to Join Research Project to Prevent Violent Radicalisation

Categories: Research

FAC has vast experience in the area of socioeconomic research, and will be harnessing these skills later in the year as part of a project to develop a comprehensive approach to prevent and counter violent radicalisation and extremism.

The project will consider violent left-wing, right-wing and religious ideologies, with a special focus on the risks connected with violent digital propaganda. The research will deliver advanced and validated counter-propaganda techniques that are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of key target groups.


The comprehensive prevention strategy developed by the project will promote and enhance cooperation between relevant authorities involved in halting violent radicalisation or in deradicalisation initiatives. It will largely address law enforcement and security agencies, but will also be of value to prisons and social workers, teachers and even relatives of affected people.


One of FAC’s fundamental roles within the project will be technical research for platform development, to provide a centralised repository for tools, guidance and other supports.


As town planning and applied research consultants, FAC has an established and award-winning background in pan-European research. Our knowledge base can be applied to data analytics and technology, sociology and societal impact, and sustainable development in a diverse range of research themes.


For more information, call our office on 01 639 4836 or email info@futureanalytics.ie

Categories: Research

FAC is a leading Chartered Town Planning, Development and Socio-economic Analytics Consultancy based in Dublin with an extensive project portfolio throughout Ireland. FAC has extensive experience in town and village renewal, town and village health checks, and settlement profiling.