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10 Jan, 2018 2 min read

Imagining Tomorrow’s Cities

Categories: Development, Research

A recent article in The Sunday Business Post focused on the growth of urban populations worldwide and how infrastructure in these rapidly growing cities must adapt and innovate in areas such as housing, transport, energy, pollution, migration, healthcare and more.



Stephen M. Purcell, director of Future Analytics Consulting Ltd, speaks to Emma Kennedy, Money editor at The Sunday Business Post, about how cities need to be resilient when dealing with a crisis. “A lot of our research looks at urban resilience: how a city bounces back from a shock, whether that’s an economic shock or an extreme weather event,”


He also stresses the importance of creativity in accommodating future populations in a sustainable way. “We need to be creative. To look at ways to accommodate future populations, but doing so in a sustainable way, that minimises urban sprawl. We need to rethink how we use the finite resource of land. You have to look at all the elements: good quality of life, sustainability, the cost base, the viability of building at the right density.”


When data can be a hugely useful tool in shaping the design of our cities in the future, we should be mindful that, ultimately, people are the heart of cities now and in the future. “Technology is not the be all and end all – people are,” he says. “A place needs its community champions and data only tells one side of the story. You need people to interpret it.”


To read the full article, please follow link to The Sunday Business Post here.


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Categories: Development, Research

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