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23 Sep, 2016 1 min read

FAC at International Resilience Workshop in Turin

Categories: Research

FAC director William Hynes presented on ‘The RESILENS Project Approach’ this week at the 1st International Workshop on Resilience. The two-day event took place in the city of Turin, Italy and featured practitioners and academics from the world of urban resilience.


RESILENS is an FAC-coordinated project which is developing a European Resilience Management Guideline (ERMG) to support the practical application of resilience to all critical infrastructure sectors.


The recent earthquake in Amatrice, Italy caused devastation on an environmental and human scale, and stands as a poignant example of the ongoing threat to communities in Europe and worldwide from natural and manmade hazards.


The two-day workshop addressed topics such as recovery, mitigation strategies, innovative technologies, resilience and downtime estimation, all of which are related to the research and outputs from the RESILENS project.


Resilience frameworks were explored from the perspectives of Europe, North America and Asia, as well as from an economic and emerging technologies context.


To read Dr Hynes’s presentation click here

Categories: Research

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