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3 Sep, 2018

FAC Present on Resilience Guidelines at the International Ergonomics Association in Florence

FAC presented on RESILENS and FORESEE at the 20th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association in Florence last week.    …

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25 May, 2018

Final Issue of RESILENS Newsletter

  The time has come for the final issue of Through the Lens, the RESILENS newsletter that has tracked and…

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1 Dec, 2017

Launch of European Commission Horizon 2020 Applied Research Project – Building Resilience Through Education (BRTE) (2017-2021)

Dr. William Hynes, Managing Director at Future Analytics Consulting Ltd. (FAC), attended from 28th to 30th November, 2017, in Wolaita…

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5 Sep, 2017

Protecting Cities’ Critical Assets

As cities grapple with urban growth and climate change placing more people and economic activity in harm’s way, the resilience…

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9 Aug, 2017

FAC contribute to guide designed to help scientists and practitioners working on risk governance and resilience evaluation

At Future Analytics Consulting, we have been researching urban resilience concepts for many years, and we contributed some chapters to…

urban resilience
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Our team can advise on all facets of the development process

15 Nov, 2016

CRUA – Building Community Flood Resilience

The Community Resilience in Urban Areas (CRUA) project has developed toolkits and bespoke training to support communities across Europe who…

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17 Oct, 2016

RESILENS Stakeholders Evaluate Critical Infrastructure Tools

The RESILENS project held a workshop in Lisbon on the 6th of October, 2016, to evaluate the resilience management matrix…

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23 Sep, 2016

FAC at International Resilience Workshop in Turin

FAC director William Hynes presented on ‘The RESILENS Project Approach’ this week at the 1st International Workshop on Resilience. The…

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12 Sep, 2016

FAC Evaluates Red Cross EU Project

FAC is undertaking an independent process and end evaluation of the Community Resilience in Urban Areas (CRUA) project.  

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23 Aug, 2016

DESTRIERO and S-HELP Dissemination Day

The EU-funded DESTRIERO project held its showcase final event in association with the S-HELP project last Friday (19th August 2016)…

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Our team can advise on all facets of the development process