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24 May, 2017 2 min read

A New Vision for Temple Bar

Categories: Development

Future Analytics Consulting Ltd have been commissioned by the Temple Bar Steering Committee to prepare for A New Vision for Temple Bar.


The area contains a wealth of historic assets and contemporary attributes – it is home to residents, businesses, creative enterprises and is a much-visited part of the city.

New Vision for Temple Bar


To inform this project, FAC will utilise its data analytics and GIS expertise to visualise the functionality of the area, including a focus on cultural, business and residential land uses, as well as the implications of crime, levels of social capital present in the area, and its linkages to surrounding developments, and other cultural quarters. A key aspect of the work underway is to engage with users of the area to better understand how this part of the city functions, its relationship to the wider areas, the forces for change that are impacting upon on it and all the possibilities that exist to re-imagine its future prospects.


FAC, with partner consultants Deirdre Black and Louise Browne, is using extensive experience in public engagement, focusing on techniques that encourage participation. We are keen to ensure that all those who have an interest in this area are involved in shaping its future. Public engagement for a New Vision for Temple Bar includes targeted conversations, a participative workshop, and an online survey.


FAC know that Temple Bar and its future is important not only to Dubliners and Irish citizens, but to the global community of urbanists. We encourage you to take 5 minutes to complete the online survey, which is available here.

Categories: Development

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