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30 Aug, 2016 1 min read

FAC Horizon 2020 Proposal to Prevent Radicalisation

Categories: Research

Future Analytics Consulting has joined a multi-disciplinary group of researchers to add our data analytics and societal impact assessment skills to a HORIZON 2020 proposal. The bid aims to identify and develop policy recommendations and tools to improve the ability of security policy makers and law enforcement agencies to prevent and detect radicalisation before individuals turn towards violent, criminal or terrorist acts.


Radicalisation leading to violence can have a huge impact on society and its citizens: politically, economically, emotionally, and in terms of security.


The roots of radicalisation are not well-known, and well-targeted responses to emerging challenges of violent extremism cannot be developed without a full understanding of what drives the process of radicalisation and of how individuals may react to countermeasures.


The key in democratic societies is to ensure citizens’ rights to free thought – even radical thought – is safeguarded, while protecting society from the fallout of illegal actions from violent radicalised groups and individuals.


 “As an additional research stream for FAC, which has an established reputation in the areas of Urban resilience, critical infrastructure protection, community disaster recovery and smart cities, we are excited to be involved in contributing towards solutions for one of the biggest challenges presently facing Europe”.

FAC Director Stephen M. Purcell

Building on experience of research into human trafficking, community empowerment and also on contemporary community policing methods, the development of an outline framework to address the challenges faced within Europe concerning radicalisation is a natural research evolution for FAC.

For more information, contact FAC at info@futureanalytics.ie

Categories: Research

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