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17 Oct, 2016 1 min read

RESILENS Stakeholders Evaluate Critical Infrastructure Tools

Categories: Research

The RESILENS project held a workshop in Lisbon on the 6th of October, 2016, to evaluate the resilience management matrix and audit toolkit (REMMAT) and the European Resilience Management Guideline they have developed. The project is coordinated by Dr Ehiaze Ehimen of FAC, who was in attendance to facilitate the event.



REMMAT is a web-based tool designed to be used by critical infrastructure (CI) providers to assess their resilience levels which supports the development of strategies which could be applied to enhance the resilience of these assets. The ERMG provides guidelines that support the operationalisation of resilience management in critical infrastructures.


The workshop also provided a unique opportunity for exploring potential collaboration activities with two projects which have been recently funded under the EU Horizon 2020 scheme. RESCCUE is a multisectorial approach focusing on water and BINGO – looks towards a better future under climate change.


Representatives from various Portuguese critical infrastructure providers and governmental bodies attended the workshop and participated in the testing and evaluation of the RESILENS tools. These included members of the health service, energy providers, banking and finance, transport, legal & public order, water, as well as the national authorities for civil administration and protection and others from related sectors.


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Categories: Research

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