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Analytical Platforms

We build custom analytics and reporting solutions using industry leading technologies. Our goal is to help our customers maximize the value of their data with custom dashboards and reports. We work closely with our customers to identify and leverage meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and find solutions to their business problems. Whether it is upgrading your excel reports or have an established analytics environment, FAC can help support you on any step in your data visualization journey. 

FAC decision support platforms are cloud-based web tools that serves as a dynamic up-to-date data layers in a map-based environment. Designed specifically for the planning and development sector, these tools offer insights across the full range of the planning and development life cycle, from initial strategic analysis, site assessment, socio-economic analysis and feasibility, through scheme design and the planning application process, to compliance and project management. Platform users can drill-down to respective study areas spatially and at that point layer in the relevant datasets to query specific question or query.

FAC uses performance dashboards to empower client interaction with KPI metrics. These metrics provide a transparent means of assessing current and future progress against a measurable set of objectives supported by relevant data point.

Our platforms leverage a wide range of publicly available data sources (spatial/non-spatial), other public sources that requires what is termed ‘scraping’ information, but also provides access to a collection of private sources of data or sources which have been generated by FAC internally (e.g population / housing projection models etc). Additionally, we also enable our clients to convert their own internal spreadsheet type data, written reporting and data into spatial databases to store, manage, and visually explore their data within the platform.

Presenting the results of studies in a dynamic web environment transforms static information into a real-time decision support tool, offering a more visual way of communicating final insights with interactive and dynamic infographics. Our web-based tools can be used by clients to answer their own research questions as and when they arise. For example, the need to understand the location and change of population over the next 10 years in Ireland? Will it increase or decline and by how much? Users can quickly create future scenarios and explore growth options at every scale: site, corridor, district, city, or region.

Expertise in demographic research and ‘future-proofing’ research through defensible projection and forecasting techniques. We translate economic and socio-economic scenario modelling into tangible impact analysis. We apply an evidence-based approach to confirm the optimal next step.