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Data Visualisation

The visualisation of data and mapped information in digital or print formats help to communicate proposal to technical information to non-technical audiences. Our visualisation services can help you identify trends, comparison and performance towards goals and objectives, and spot any outliers. Visuals alone can create conversations. Powerful, interactive, and collaborative visuals can drive organizational focus and direction.

The majority of research carried out by FAC is underpinned by data. Transforming data into compelling visualisations augment the ability to quickly identify performance towards goals and objectives, clearly point out that something deserves attention, pinpoint what action needs to be taken and build informed decisions based on facts to improve company performance or decision making.

We are passionate about data and take pride in translating complex information into understandable and persuasive visual formats. Our in-house graphic design capabilities deliver a range of services from logo design, to print reports, to websites and analytical platforms for businesses.