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Urban & Regional Economics

Our in-house analytics team comprising demographic, economic and retail experts, delivers research and evidence services fully tailored to individual client needs.

FAC provide analytical research for public and private sector bodies in the areas of urban and rural development and spatial planning at a variety of scales from site level to regional studies. We undertake this through socio-economic, environmental and policy analysis, and strategic site planning. Through this research, and our long standing connections to local, regional and national policy making and professional planning communities, we seek to critique current planning practice and provide a set of analytical tools that will which present issues and options for decision making.

Assess the baseline conditions of the site and local area with respect to the resident and working populations. This includes consideration of current uses and any activity that will be displaced by planned developments, as well as reviewing the socio-economic characteristics of the surrounding area in order to understand the impact that the development will have.

FAC prepare objective evidence on housing need to help local planning authorities and housing developers make the case for new homes. These studies look at the various supply and demand factors influencing need (such as population growth, tenure, vacancy, obsolescence etc) to establish current and future needs profiles.

Development feasibility analysis grounded in comprehensive understanding of market conditions, familiarity with the dynamics impacting the development community, and local policy context.

Comprehensive and robust analytic approaches to understanding and estimating the economic and fiscal benefits of private and public projects and plans.

FAC deliver rounded economic impact assessments of organisations, sectors, projects, policies and economic shocks. FAC uses government-recognised techniques to capture direct, indirect supply chain and induced effects. We also provide tailored assessments of productivity benefits, tax contributions, wellbeing and environmental improvements.

The provision of succinct analyses to establish the market baseline and to spot any change in the market trend. This can relate to aspects of demand, affordability or unit size requirements in the housing sector, or to customers (type, preference, age, disposable income) in the retail sector. Systematic monitoring of property market is crucial for high value investment and long term planning.