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16 Sep, 2020 3 min read

Introducing Our New Virtual Consultation Service


Is your organisation looking for engaging ways to conduct consultations online?

FAC can provide an immersive Virtual Consultation Space, with bespoke features to suit your specific needs.

FAC’s Virtual Consultation Space is informed by our expertise in community and stakeholder engagement coordination for Development Projects.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

At FAC, our many years of experience in the design, coordination and successful delivery of a multitude of projects locally, regionally, nationally and across Europe has harnessed our expertise in community and stakeholder engagement.

The benefits of early and sustained project engagement are clear, and we pride ourselves on a reputation of excellence in community, stakeholder, multi-agency, and interested party consultation.

Some of our services include:

  • Project, Plan and Strategy – Consultation and Engagement  
  • Engaging early in a project process to illicit support, identify and address concerns through design and process recalibration (adopting a blend of physical and digital solutions and insights) 

  • Virtual Consultation and Engagement Solutions 
  • FAC can efficiently build a dedicated Virtual Exhibition and Engagement Hall for your project, helping to populate content, enable project surveys or other “two-way” communications insights. See below for our “service overview”.


  • Inclusive Workshop Facilitation 
  • Our experienced personnel encourage active participation through non-technical delivery, working in 1-to-1 and small group exercises to facilitate dual-learning and project-shaping. 

  • Community Mapping and Thematic Communications 
  • Many projects warrant structured communications across selected targeted groups. FAC routinely conducts leading community mapping and auditing to ensure the right parties are communicated with, every time. 

  • Town Team and Community Champions – Training and Upskilling 
  • FAC has advised on the design and format of local volunteer groups including Town Teams and support for Community Champions. We have devised training modules and upskilling programmes for active and collaborative members of the community. 

  • Political Engagement and Social Infrastructure Mapping Exercises 
  • FAC work proactively with political representatives to ensure that the community is fully informed of notable local projects, and to encourage healthy debate within Council Chambers, etc. Equally, through our leasing mapping and analytics functions, we can identify the social infrastructure provision locally, and identify where any potential shortfall may arise. 

  • Community-led Research and Empowerment  
  • Our European Research team and wider Town Planning personnel boast key experience and project success in community and stakeholder research methods and the definition of strategy for project dissemination, commercialisation and policy manifestation. FAC advocates for the empowerment of local Community Champions.

Our work in this space has covered a range of scales:

In our pan-European research projects, we have coordinated a significant number of Communications and Dissemination Strategies, from COBACORE (Community Based Comprehensive Recovery from major flooding or other disasters) through to FORESEE (focused on resilience of transport infrastructure), where we designed, organised and hosted a periodic Stakeholder Reference Group over the life of the project to define metrics and ensure project outputs were responding to the needs of the key end-users.

In our regional/county/city plans and strategies, we often design, facilitate and learn from workshops, community feedback via “world cafes” and other engagement exercises to gain rich insight and key learnings to inform project direction. Examples include the Copper Coast Regeneration Study, Town Team development in selected Clare Towns, and many town and village Renewal and Regeneration Plans.

At a local level, we have designed and implemented the role of “Community Liaison Office” for large projects or urban development projects, engaging on possible community gains within a scheme and working with interested parties to ensure social infrastructure or other supports are achieved through the wider project. This has included large scale housing projects, education facilities, enterprise centres and other such projects.


FAC is a leading Chartered Town Planning, Development and Socio-economic Analytics Consultancy based in Dublin with an extensive project portfolio throughout Ireland. FAC has extensive experience in town and village renewal, town and village health checks, and settlement profiling.