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13 May, 2016 2 min read

Vision 2020 – Predictions for Dublin City Region


‘The Dublin City Region: Change. Challenge. Opportunity’ was the title of William Hynes’s presentation to an audience of 400 professionals from the property and development-related sectors, at the recent Vision 2020 seminar run by Future Analytics Consulting and Lisney estate agents.

Using data compiled by the company, Dr Hynes predicted that by 2020 the population of the Dublin region would increase by 60,000.

“The growing population in the Dublin region is going to lead to significant demands on a number of key sectors including housing, transport, education and healthcare. Based on the forecast growth in the region it is essential that we need to prioritise investment in infrastructure which will be critical for ensuring and maximising the region’s competitive positions economically and also delivering a sustainable, resilient and liveable city”.

Data compiled by Future Analytics Consulting forecasts that the population of the Dublin region will have increased by 60,000 people in 2020.

Dublin local authorities will need to provide more than 24,000 housing units between them to meet demand. Projections also indicate that the labour force* of the region will increase by almost 150,000 – creating opportunities and demand for employment.

There will be more demand for places for primary, secondary and third level education in 2020, and also for additional childcare places.

Ireland’s ageing population means that the Dublin city region will have 21,000 more people in the 65+ age bracket, which will put pressure on healthcare provision, in particular nursing homes.

Critical infrastructure such as transport services and telecommunications will need to be carefully considered to accommodate the demands that these changes will bring as it is essential that sustainable growth and development can be achieved.

The balance of these discrete but interconnected areas will be crucial to ensure the resilience of the Dublin city region for the future.

Click here to read the full presentation.

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